Fresh Produce In Season

As we mentioned on our first page, we have been blessed with an opportunity to grow more. 7-1/2 acres of bottom land just down the road from us. Virgin soil as the owner put it (a native hillbilly we have gotten to know and really enjoy. His knowledge of the plants, produce, flowers and trees of the Ozarks will be a blessing in itself.) We are planting full acres of potatoes, sweet corn, tomatoes and beans but of course plenty of other crops as well there and here on our land. We will of course be keeping with the heirlooms as much as possible, as it is important to us to keep our heritage. We were not brought up as farmers but our passion for the old ways keeps growing as the self sufficient farmer keeps getting pushed back as GMO seeds become the norm. "We did not know how political we were to become when we became farmers!"

We will be selling to local citizens, restaurants, auctions. We will most likely try to make some farmers markets in the area. Ozark is our favorite, Thursday nights 6-8 on the square and they have live music on the Gazebo. We will sell to anyone who wants to know where their food is coming from.

"We're trying to hit somewhere between supermarket and organic growers prices," Nancee said. "We don't use pesticides, but we don't try to jump the hoops that organic farmers have to do."

The Branson Daily News

"Did you hear about the watermelon that had to marry because they canteloupe?"
— Mike