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2019 is upon us and we are looking forward to what lies ahead. It's hard to believe that we are a year away from 2020 it sounds like futureworld in a book! Mike and I are busy trying to book gigs and make a living as travelling entertainers, it is harder than we thought, sellin ourselves. We both are pretty humble about our craft but also believe this is what we are supposed to be doing.


Front Door Farm Market is home to M&N Farms near Taneyville, MO. It is our piece of heaven nestled in these Ozark Mountains.This farm is our blessing still as we travel down dusty paths, muddy roads, asphalt jungles, straights and curves. We have scaled back our farming as we are travelling more and more but it sure is nice to call home because you know there's no place like it!

We are going to add some more pages to our site adding our educational programs and a You Tube channel is in the works. And just in case you are wondering yes we are still farmers and performers which makes us Perfarmers! Please check our SHOW SCHEDULE

God Bless, Mike and Nancee
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