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All we can say is WOW, what a year we had in 2019. Learning how to be gypsies in our 50’s! We are travelers at heart but of course we love our Ozarks home too. We appeared at so many different places and met some good people along the way. Excited to be a part of the Kansas City Storytelling Celebration every year in November, so glad to be a part of The Pioneer Days at Warsaw, MO. in October, preserving our pioneer heritage. Our new Renaissance Faire in Hot Springs had a stellar first weekend for that new faire on the circuit just to name a few of our adventures.

Learned some new lessons-as everyone should in this life-with a smile and a nod. This year will be our second as full time musicians, busy looking for our next gig and always looking forward to returning to our favorites.  So for 2020 we plan to create joy with music, entertain and educate, celebrate our Lord and of course make babies dance!!!

Just wanted to add on our homepage a little bit about this new year 2020. Who would have known that three months in we would be sheltering in place, with a new reality of cancelled gigs and faires and events. We have a wonderful supportive family so we are doing fine, our prayers go out to our musician friends who are struggling with this turn of events. The Good News is there are so many arts organizations who have help if you just reach out. It is amazing how the arts community has showered on us so much information and did the leg work for us on what is out there. We are homebound for now , working on new music, stories, programs and planting a big garden again! We hope Fall brings us all together again and making more memories to share.


Front Door Farm Market is home to M&N Farms near Taneyville, MO. It is our piece of heaven nestled in these Ozark Mountains.This farm is our blessing still as we travel down dusty paths, muddy roads, asphalt jungles, straights and curves. We have scaled back our farming as we are travelling more and more but it sure is nice to call home because you know there's no place like it!

We are going to add some more pages to our site adding our educational programs and a You Tube channel is in the works. And just in case you are wondering yes we are still farmers and performers which makes us Perfarmers! Please check our SHOW SCHEDULE

God Bless, Mike and Nancee
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