Educational and Entertaining

We love to educate while we entertain, bringing to life history of places and people with songs and laughter. A good friend of ours Dad said once, "oh he lives in the hysterical section of town" maybe Ed had it right, we teach hysteric history!

Here are some of our programs we offer Libraries and schools

1. White Cloverine Salve and The Red Clay Country

Nancee's paternal Grandmother was dustbowl refugee, leaving Oklahoma in the late 30's for California. Through passages from the Grapes of Wrath, first person narratives from "Grandma" music of the era and funny personal stories we bring to life her story and the plight of those looking for a better life.

2. Fun on the Farm

Living on an 80 acre farm for over 20 years and performing at The McHaffie's Homestead , Silver Dollar City we have quite the collection of songs and stories from the past and present.Some true some true enough. We share pioneer ways, folk songs of the Ozarks, present day education on heirlooms and natural gardening. All with Mike and Nancee's own brand of fun.

3. Ireland to The Ozarks in Song and Story

Our love of the Celtic traditions and the journey they took to America comes alive here. We explore origins of songs from Ireland and how our folk songs merged. Our hill melodies and country tunes can be traced back to tunes from Ireland. Their jigs, reels, waltzes and hornpipes are the beginnings of our modern day bluegrass. Enjoy an afternoon of music, history and craic (gaelic for fun)with EznDil

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