Our true vision for the farm is this:

To build cabins here for families in trouble — couples that are not getting along that have dragged their kids into it all. We will offer our services to the court system and have the families come out here and spend some time with no cellphones, no tv — just fresh air and birds singing. They can work out their problems with each other in a country setting.

And it’s important that their time here include farm chores and gardening — something some folks will have never experienced — because a kinship with the land lets you know what is really important about life.

It's not things — it's not "stuff." What is important is what God created.

That's the true beginning vision of this place though we don't know exactly when it will all come together.

Another dream we have in the future is to have an old time music camp out here on the farm where students can learn from musicians who have dedicated their lives to traditional music, it’s many variations and stories they tell.

We have been blessed with this land and we want to honor God’s Gift in however He lays out for us.

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