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MARCH 2008

2008 will be another year of firsts for us but one thing we are doing more of now is getting our Pig Roasts up and running.

We provide the naturally raised hog ( yes those are two sows nursing side by side!) side dishes if you don’t want an old fashion potluck, and entertainment.

Prices will vary of course to how many folks there are and how far we gotta travel.

We want to keep this traditional way of families and friends getting together alive.

The Pig is the Star of course but we can theme up the event ( hillbilly, cowboy, etc...) and have fun with music and games all day.

Just email us for more information!

Contact Mike and Nancee:
Our CD, titled EZnDIL, is DONE!

Our fans have been after us for a long time — asking us to record their favorites. And have we been workin' hard to do just that.

(This album is just the start. We're planning another CD of all-Irish songs, and another of all-folk songs too!)

We chose to name this CD for our aliases, which are "Ezra" and "Dilly."

If you would like to own one, just e-mail us and we'll get one out to you. The cost is $10.

Song titles:

1. Bold O'Donoghue (irish traditional) 2.41
2. Wild Mountain Thyme (scottish traditional) 4.04
3. The Old Mule Press (traditional) 2.58
4. Ride On (Christy Moore) 3.38
5. Mason's Apron/Dance of the Fairie Kings** (irish traditional) 3.01
6. Red is the Rose (scottish traditional) 3.08
7. Bib Overalls** (Donald J. Richmond) 2.41
8. The L&N Dont Stop Here Anymore (Jean Ritchie) 4.04
9. The Berry Shuffle** (Mike Micham) 2.02
10. I Was There To Hear Your Borning Cry (John C. Ylvisaker) 2.26
11. Home Grown Tomatoes**(Guy Clark) 2.34
12. Sally Garden** (irish traditional) 3.07
13. Little Bit O Thunder ** (Mike Micham) 2.40
14. Brian Boru**(irish traditional) 2.35
15. Nothing But A Child** (Steve Earle) 3.28
16. The Butterfly** (irish traditional) 2.21
17. Rubber Pacifier** (Mike Micham) 3.17
18. Can U Hear Me Now** ( Mike Micham) 3.32
19. On My Father's Side (Felicia Shiflett) 4.11
20. Freight Train (Elizabeth Cotton) 2.01

EZnDIL is Mike Micham - vocals, guitar, bouzouki, penny whistle, mandolin, harmonica
Nancee Walker-Micham - vocals, bohdran, mandolin

** Denotes songs recorded with the Homestead Pickers@ Greg Bailey - banjo, fiddle, guitar
Greg Becker - bass, hammered dulcimer, penny whistle, harmonica Danny Eakin - mtn. banjo. Special Guest fiddle on track 9 - Miiss Anne Engelbrecht
"I like pigs. Cats look down on us. Dogs look up to us. Pigs treat us as equals." — Winston Churchill
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