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All about the Music
Music is an open-ended box. For me, it's what you put into it — so what you get out of it is your own personal brew. Traditional folk music should be played from the heart and not from a piece of paper.

We have a kind of eclectic style. We love traditional — and traditions. But there is more to music than just a note or a word. It's a chance to get into someone's heart — to touch them — and make them laugh or bring a tear to their eye.
So for style? We got a new name for our style: "Ez'in'Dill." That's Gaelic for what we do! Not really, it's just Ezra and Dilly together. But our real range of music goes from Gospel to Celtic to American Folk with a lot of parodies in between. And although we love the humorous, light-hearted music, our favorites are the ballads and story songs — the songs that make you think. — Mike
"The moment you're told how a folk song is played, it's no longer folk." — Mike Seeger

Play from the heart — that's where it should start. — Mike
Did you know the Irish invented the bagpipes?

They gave them to Scots who haven't yet figured out it was a joke.
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A windy day in Bainbridge Town. Just look at the steeple! That's no illusion!
Incidentally, we do have an Irish CD coming soon!
Castle Trim. This castle was filmed for Braveheart and it's not even Scotland!
A Bern, built by the pre-Celt civilization — the indigenous Irish.
Stairwell in Blarney Castle.