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Eggs & Meat


Our chickens are runaround the yard bug eatin' chickens, that is they are truly free range, that is our yokes are orange! We have a wide variety of heritage breeds as well as some mixes.

We are trying something new this year with our packaged chickens, we are not going to go with the Cornish cross, those birds that grow so fast and who could have heart attacks before you butcher them. Yes they are efficient for getting the meat to your table quickly but we would like to try some old fashioned meat birds and see how they do. They in all likelihood will take longer but they will be healthier and we will feel better about raising them.


We have long, lean, large-shouldered animals that's the result of a three-way cross of heritage breeds to factory hogs.

The breeding heritage includes Petron, English Large Black, Hampshire and Landrace.

They are all pastured


All our beef is grass-fed and we're raising an Angus-Beefmaster-Holstein cross right now.

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We give our animals a really good life.
And only one bad day.
— Mike
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